• Computer Consulting

    With over 25 years of experience in the on-site computer service business, we have amassed an unmeasurable amount of experience. We can therefore confidently state that there is no computer issue that we cannot fix. We offer a full range of technology related services for both Apple and Windows. Give us a call at: 760-294-1926 and we will handle the rest.
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  • iPhone App Development

    It is important to continue evolving your business with the current trends and be prepared to adapt to the next thing. Adding mobile marketing and brand recognition to your marketing strategy is very cost-effective for small businesses and reaches out to a target market that you could be missing out on – the millions with an iPhone.
  • Website Development

    MicroSECONDS has been developing websites since the inception of the internet. It is with this experience and the power of the WordPress platform that we can offer expert website development services. We specialize in creating websites that can be easily updated by the client – greatly reducing the cost of post-creation maintenance.
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  • Software Development

    MicroSECONDS has been developing Windows software since the early 90's. With two successful award winning products of our own, EasyDesktop and Desktop Toilet, we have many years of experience. It is with this experience that we can help our clients create the best possible Windows and database programs.
  • Home Theater Hook-Ups

    With the increasing complexity of home theater systems it is easy to get lost during the wiring process. MicroSECONDS has many years of experience in connecting and streamlining home theater systems. We can help with integrating video game systems, Netflix, Apple TV, Google TV, Blu-Ray, Roku and many more. We can even setup a universal remote to get rid of the pile of remotes on your coffee table!
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EasyDesktop 9.0

Instantly launch up to 648 programs, documents, email or web-links. EasyDesktop will allow you to place all of your commonly used programs, documents, web links and more on an easy-to-read menu.

Desktop Toilet 5.0

Desktop Toilet is a program that will let you change the icon (appearance) of your Windows Recycle Bin to any of 40 styles of toilets. It will also allow you to assign 1 of 5 toilet flushing sounds to the Empty Recycle Bin event, so that each time you empty it, you will hear a toilet flushing.